Some Misconceptions About Designing The Interior Of Your Home

Interior decor and design is not completely easy but it does not have to be overly difficult. However, people take it as a difficult task and this is partly because of the misconceptions that surround the world of interior decoration.

It does not have to be, interior design is dependent on your taste and that is how you should design your home- to your taste. You have to take note of what is in fashion while at it though.

Some of the misconceptions people have that prevent them to have the best experience while designing would be discussed now.

Every Rule Must Be Followed

There is no specific rule that guides the art of home decoration. You should know this if you watch any Do-It-Yourself video on interior decoration. There are some rules though; you can follow them or if you want to have unlimited freedom to design the home as you like it, you can discard them. It all depends on taste really. Nevertheless, you have to put into consideration the location and design of the home before you have a decorating plan.

What may look commonplace in one place may look really odd in another. Therefore, you have to put this into consideration. The purpose and use of the room are also important to note before designing. Let us take the kitchen for example; the addition of a work triangle is necessary if you want easy movement around it. The truth is most rooms in the house will have a predetermined purpose so you have to put this into consideration to aid ease of use.

You Have To Complete Everything At Once

This belief is erroneous on so many levels. You do not have to finish all your decoration at once. Take time to work on a room at a time and start from the easiest of things. This way you get all the time you want in the world to make it perfect. You should buy the bigger items first then as time goes on, start buying the small pieces and fit them together. It is important to have a budget and stick to it.

Think about how much money you have and what it can buy. As it has been said, it is not a must to finish everything at once. It is true that some people have the means to buy everything at once; good for them, but if you don't, develop a list and buy the most important items first.

You Do Not Need A Plan; Buy Things On Impulse

People make this avoidable mistake and it ruins what would have otherwise been a good home décor. They purchase furniture and other home items as they see them because they like them. They do not think about how they would fit with other items in the room they want to put them in which is not a great idea. It is better to have a clear and predetermined design plan, here you find the items that would be a perfect fit for your home.

Buying on impulse may not give you that feel you want. Also, do not be shy to hire an interior décor professional. They can help you outline and polish your design plan. You can hire them for the only consultation or you can include them to actively participate in the project, either way, they can make the difference you want.

A Decorating Plan Should Have All The Trends In Vogue


No, no, do not do this. As much as it is important to model your home into what is in vogue, do not do this 100% because trends evolve over time. Instead, let your style be the guide and integrate it into your design. Of course, your creativity can get triggered by taking a look at magazines and observing what others have done. To have a properly designed home interior decoration, begin with a room and see how best you can highlight the room's features.

You need to know the differences between what the room needs and what you want this depends on the functions the room will serve. Every room has some basic things they must have in them, the others are just extras; they accentuate the features but they are not overly important. For example, your kitchen must have a sink, counter, refrigerator and so on. Any other thing that does not serve the purpose of cooking but make the room better are just extras.

Overcrowd The Room With Items

Don't make this mistake and dump way too many furnishings and items in your room. Your goal may be to make everything look better but really, the place will look really small and no one likes a small room. Too many items also make you deviate from your laid-out theme or plan. You have to consider mobility in your plan and make sure you design your rooms in a way that you won't knock things down when moving around.

Your Furnishings Must Be The Exact Colour As The Interior

Do not be limited to your creativity. You should not always buy furniture that has the same colours as your interior. Okay, you can look for complementing and matching colours but they do not have the exact colour. Again, you have to know the purpose of the room before you start buying furniture and other items. If the purpose of the room will be more than one, make sure you cater for it. Buy the big items like rugs, carpet, and furniture and so on first. Then use the designs of the big items to organize the rest.

Cheap And Low-Quality Items Are Not That Bad

Avoid buying really cheap items so you can rework the design of the room anytime you want. You should opt for quality items which may be affordable but not necessarily cheap. Doing this, you won't have to worry about their quality diminishing over a short period of time.

They are built to last and they will last. Basically, do not plan short-time, plan long-term. Cheap items will have a short life but quality items won't. In related news, you can find vertical blinds suited for your kitchen at make my kitchen vertical blinds

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